Kilobyte Magazine 2021 – 1

  • discover
    The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers.
  • what‘s up? 
    What was going on and the future of kilobyte magazine.
  • museum on a cartridge
    How the guys at the Digital Retro Park in Germany came up with aunique idea during the pandemic.
  • sixty phourtoshop
    After 30 years, GoDot is still the Swiss army knife of image conversion tools on the C64 – and more!
  • actiplaque
    There is a disease many a cartridge suffers, and it has a name. Learn more about what the causes are and what you can do about it.
  • sixtyclone
    Build a new C64 from new parts, starting with a very shiny new printed circuit board for three mainboard revision of the old breadbin. More about that here.
  • magic puzzles
    Heroes against Demons wins the SMSPower competition 2020 and delivers a great puzzle game!
  • wearable
    Ever thought of making art or clothes out of magnetic tape?
  • story racer
    A great racing game with a nice story that plays like a charm and holds high replayability value – on a ZX Spectrum? Yes, indeed!
  • doomsday
    But can it play Doom? No, the Atari XE can‘t. Unless you count Final Assault in. Then get prepared for what 8bit can do in capable coder hands!

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Über Boris Kretzinger

Boris Kretzinger, Jahrgang 1981, lernte mit dem C64 Englisch und wurde vor dem Atari 2600 zum Joystickjockey. Seitdem schlägt sein Herz für 8-Bit und er sieht die Welt nur noch in sechzehn Farben.

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Dauerausstellung: Videogames made in Japan

Videogames made in Japan: Eine Ausstellung über japanische Videospielgeschichte im Flipper- und Arcademuseum Seligenstadt.

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