Kilobyte Magazine 2020 – 1

  • discover
    The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers
  • a hisorical society
    Dave McMurtrie does not only collect Commodore stuff. He also unites Commodorians
  • collecting craze
    An interview with a collection who might very well own the largest vintage computer collection in Latin America
  • stiff competition
    A new joystick for 8bit micros with 9pin joystick port. How good is it?
  • on the count of ten
    A closer look at Atari‘s latest Flashback console, its games and if it‘s worth buying.
  • kickstart or full stop
    Kickstart is a great platform if you want to make your dreams come true. We look at the good, the bad and the ugly sides of retro Kickstarter campaigns
  • boxed rarity
    Texas Instruments went head to head with Commodore back in the early 80s, but their TI 99/2 was a bridge too far for them
  • vampire hunter
    The Curse of Rabenstein is a new graphic adventure for many 8bit micros. And it‘s worth your time!
  • back to the past
    Into Hinterland World came out of nowhere and could be one of the nicest additions to the C64 shmup library in a while
  • collectible stuff
    It took nearly 30 years, but Metalstorm finally got its international release for the NES. Let‘s take a look at the collector‘s edition
  • hurdles in space
    Planet Death on Gameboy takes you back to a Galaxy far, far away

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Über Boris Kretzinger

Boris Kretzinger, Jahrgang 1981, lernte mit dem C64 Englisch und wurde vor dem Atari 2600 zum Joystickjockey. Seitdem schlägt sein Herz für 8-Bit und er sieht die Welt nur noch in sechzehn Farben.

Schau mal hier

Weihnachtszeit, Spielezeit

Langeweile zur Weihnachtszeit? Nicht bei Steffen. Er nutzt die Ruhe, um Euch ein paar seiner Lieblingsgames vorzustellen.

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