• discover

The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers

  • point & click

Did you know that the computer mouse was invented in Germany?

  • sacred boards

Where would you send your C65 for repairs? Well, there is at least one place to call…

  • to boldly go

Many spacecrafts were partially controlled by 8bit CPUs. Which ones were selected to go to space – and why?

  • sid to go

Listen to the High Voltage SID Collection online with DeepSID

  • from collection to museum

Dreaming of your own museum – well, it‘s a long way to go …

  • game on

Flight of Pigarus (SMS), What remains (NES), Night Knight (MSX), Wolfling (C64), Tenno (C64), Digiloi (C64), Ninja Odyssey (INTV), TNT Cowboy (INTV), Berks Four (Plus/4)


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