• discover

The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers

  • microchip strip

One FPGA to rule all 65XX processors

  • just pretending

Emulation on 8bit machines? Is it possible, to which degree is it usable and what is out there?

  • sordplay

The Sord M5 had the potential to be a hit in the West – but it just could not beat the competition. A look back at an exotic home computer

  • game on

Jarlac (CPC), Legend of Steel (CPC), Operation Alexandra (CPC), L‘Abbaye des Morts (C64), Arkyology (VCS) – Including an interview with creator Paul Walters, Aviator Arcade II (C64), Shadow Switcher (C64), Galactic Revenge (Master System), New Adventures of Laura (Atari XL), Realms Of Quest V (VIC20), Silver Valley (Master System), Portal (C64)

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