• collectibles

    Some suggestions to complete your
    personal nerdvanas

  • discover

    The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers

  • turn disk over

    Have former manufacturers of floppy disks any stock left someplace?

  • tapecart

    Martin Wendt and Ingo Korb make the tape port great again with this special cartridge

  • press play

    How CD games found their way into the C64 – and who was behind it

  • sunglasses

    Not only useful at night, but also with green text on black screens

  • chinese chips

    Ever wondered where all the supply for old MOS chips comes from?

  • game on

    Return of the Feelies: Athanor (C64), Fly me to the Moon: Moonspire (C64), Get civilized: 8bit Civilizations (C64)

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